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 Free Delaware 1st Time Home Buyer Seminar 
Buying In This Real Estate Market 
Many first-time buyers ask the same questions.
These FAQs represent the sorts of topics we include in our home buying seminar.
  • The current state of your local housing market (supply and demand, negotiating leverage, etc.)

  • The current inventory situation in the area (how easy / hard is it to find a home)

  • Things that could happen on closing day and how to prepare for it 

  • An overview of the home buying process, from financial preparation all the way to closing

  • An preview of the mortgage process (pre-approval, conditions, closing)

  • Some of the different types of home loans, with pros and cons of each

  • How to get the best deal on a loan (credit score considerations, paying points, etc.)

  • Current mortgage rates, trends for the last few months, and rate predictions going forward

  • Space is limited sign up today!


 *    You will have the opportunity to speak with us     

      and any of our guest speakers after the seminar!

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